The 100 Faces of Jesus by Kenneth Schilling

Now through December 31, 2024   |  In the food court near the carousel , Kenneth Schilling Fine Art, Level 2

"The 100 Faces of Jesus." by Kenneth Schilling

Stop in and check-out local artist Kenneth Schilling as he paints, The 100 faces of Jesus

He currently is working on painting number 57 of the 100 print series. 

In Ken's own words...

"It has been a year since I embarked on a profound artistic journey inspired by a premonition with my series of paintings entitled, The 100 Faces of Jesus.

Exploring this subject from a new artistic perspective, especially after years of avoiding it, has become quite the transformative experience.

In spite of my previous feelings about painting Jesus, initially thinking it was a bit cheesy, my approach of blending abstract elements with realism (ABREAL) adds a unique dimension to these portrayals.

Each painting carries its own story and emotion, capturing different facets of Jesus' life and teachings.

Whether someone views them through a lens of faith, or appreciates them as a portrayal of an important historical figure, my art is bound to evoke thought and feeling."

You can find Ken hard at work at Kenneth Schilling Fine Art, located in the food court of Superstition Springs Mall. He invites you to stop and chat with him, you can dive deeper into his project.

He can help you explore the themes depicted, provide insights on his artistic techniques, or even assist with sharing and showing you how you can create your own masterpieces.

His other students showcase their work here as well, it definitely will be an inspirational visit.

For more info, or to schedule personal lessons with Ken, you can email him at 


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